Tukums, Kemeri and a great E.V.S meeting
Tukums, Kemeri and a great E.V.S meeting

2 weeks before my E.V.S ending. During 2 days, I did some big things. 

Together with Monika, new E.V.S volunteer in Daugavpils, Latvia, I made a short trip to the north of Latvia and I visited the city of Tukums and Kemeri National Park. One of the places I visited in Tukums was the social center. There I was happy to meet Paula, Fanny, Zsofi and Leo, 4 EVS volunteers who make children happy and teach them many interesting things. I played Jungle Speed with the children, I danced Zumba and I made very beautiful group pictures. For this I want to say thank you to all the people from Tukums for the good accomodation and the great atmosphere which they offered and especially I want to say a big thank you to Monika, because even though she was tired after the On Arrival Training, she still cut from her time and came with me on this short and wonderfull trip. 




Have a good time and good luck!

Alexandru Ivanciu 

E.V.S volunteer

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