The week of the love
The week of the love

Last week was very special for me. It was the first time when I spent the Valentines Day outside of Romania. 

The week started with some energy and Youth Club. After that the very enthusiastic team of improvisation theatre made a new happy Monday. On Tuesday was again the perfect moment of improving English skills and playing some games and for this I want to thanks to my flatmate and project mate, Manuel, for his idea of bringing Dixit extension. On Wednesday I took part in a great presentation about India and Vietnam, made by my friend Nikita. Also on Wednesday I tested my abilities of being a host and I received on my flat Jakob, a great german guy who do E.V.S in Daugavpils. I want to thanks to both of them for sharing their experiences. The last days of the week meant starting preparation for the Sarkanā Balle, which was on Saturday afternoon. This was organized by some youngsters which come every day in Jauniešu Māja and I want to congratulate them because they did great job and I hope on the next party to help them to be much more beautiful. Of course I didn't forget about my theatre play : I have done the first scene and soon I will start practise. Until then I wait for you to the events of my hosting organisation, to have fun together and learn together. Have a good week!




Alexandru Ivanciu (E.V.S volunteer , Liepājas Jauniešu Māja, the 1st November 2015 - the 1st August 2016, Liepāja, Latvia)