The February of Manuel!
The February of Manuel!

In the end of January in Jauniešu māja came another guy to take care of the music room, Nikita. He brought with him a lot of positive energies and his presentation was really interesting because he had a lot of experiences in India and Vietnam. Now I want to discover those places!

By the way, after finishing the project I needed time to rest and recharge the batteries and thanks also to Nikita it was easier.

So I started other activities, the main one was the Italian lessons, because some people asked me to do it. Why not?! Another challenge for me, I didn't feel so sure if I could do it and I'm not sure even now. Some people told me "don't worry, it's your mother tongue, you could do it" but it's not so easy to teach because I use a lot of grammar unconsciously. I'm trying to do my best and everytime I ask my "students" how can I improve it, luckily they are very helpful.

Actually what I really wanted to do was to surf the exciting wave that was in me after the Youth Exchange and write more projects, but for some reasons I couldn't. However, I could do different things, but I didn't understand in that moment that my mind needed more rest...

Actually there were signs in the air and not only me but almost everybody were nervous or whatever. Probably the weird weather, who knows!?