The Crazy March of Manuel!
The Crazy March of Manuel!

Wow, I could never imagine that Liepaja, but more in general Latvia, could be so active in social life.

No time to be alone and think my shit through and step by step I was losing the capacity to think in a proper way. I met a lot of people in this period thanks to events hosted by other EVS volunteers and thanks to student exchanges in Liepaja. A big thanks to the Finnish girls, I enjoied the time with them. I really like all of this, but now I really need to be with myself for a while or I think I'll explode.

Fortunately my boss is the best boss ever and she forced me to take a rest.

I was thinking to go somewhere in the middle of nowhere for a week, but I understood that I'm already there, in Latvia... ok bad joke forgive me :)


There was also an amazing midterm training and I spent a very good time there, but what I really enjoyed was how the other liked me (I mean it seemed like this, maybe all of them wanted to see me dead, but I like to think about it in the other way) and I don't know if I deserve it.

Ah yeah, I forgot to mention about the birthday of Liepaja, where I made dogs, flowers and swords with balloons for children in front of the University.. Wow, a lot of children around me with their small hands to ask a balloon, what a pressure and the parents pushed them to do it.. please try to understand me, it was cold and windy and I couldn't feel my hands. Fortunately it was a success thanks also to Inga who helped me, but was really really stressful.... and funny :)