The beginning of a great experience
The beginning of a great experience

Hello guys,

My name is Alex , I come from Bucharest, Romania and I am in Liepaja, Latvia for a long term E.V.S project. 

All starts in a beautiful day of 7 September 2015 when an email from Anna Klaudia Ivina wrote exactly like this : "I am glad to tell you that we haven chosen you as the volunteers for our project in Liepajas Children and Youth centre! :)" 

I started a very long preparation and on 2nd November at 8:10 A.M. I started officialy on my great experience. After a 8 hours trip in which I had to take 2 planes, 1 bus and a terrible run on Vienna Airport I arrived safetly at my new home. Here I meet my first friends : Manuel and Roberts , I had my first interaction with my new apartment and I made my first shoppings. 

On the next post I will shortly describe my first week in Liepaja. Stay tunned!!!