Summer in Latvia
Summer in Latvia

In this post I will tell you something about my E.V.S country. A country where in 2 weeks I changed my clothes from winter season to summer season. 

Everything is green, everything is alive. People are on the streets, all the restaurants have their tables outside. It's a sign of the weather getting warm. It's a sign of summer coming. It's a sign of 3 more months full of activities, challenges and big learning process. And because the summer started in Liepāja, here the big outdoor events will start. First will be this week. It's for all of the people who like adventures on 2 wheels and want to combine ridding on a bike with culture. It's the "Boltik Baik Festival". This is a festival where I have the opportunity to meet new people and meet with my E.V.S friends again. It's an event in which many people will come to the small Liepāja. Let's have fun! Let's be intercultural !! 


Alexandru Ivanciu

Liepājas Bērnu un Jaunatnes Centrs

European Voluntary Service



Saldus park, river, waterfall                               Baltic Sea, Liepāja