Short week & discoveries
Short week & discoveries

The last week was a week of discovering & planning.

Starting with a short meeting of plans making and continuing with a great English Game Night in which I improved my English skills in a blind mode (playing The Ultimate one night Warewolf), this week was under the sign of "new". I met new foreign people, I found out about other organisations and I discovered new places. The most interesting point of the last week was to see how Latvian people celebrate the Easter. For this I want to thanks to the girls from Portugal because they came in Jauniešu Māja and let me the opportunity to meet them, also I want to say thank you to the team from Babītes because they decided to come here and share with me what they do and also a very big thank you to Stepanie, because she accepted to spend the free days with me and didn't let me to spend the Easter alone ! For the final I will attach some pictures in order to show exactly how was the last week for me. 



See you next week!

Alexandru Ivanciu

E.V.S , Liepājas Jauniešu Māja