New Year @ Latvia
New Year @ Latvia

Last week from 2015 was a week full of experiences and learning.

I started the week by having guests at the Youth House : some E.V.S volunteers decided to visit Liepāja and in the evening they visited the Youth House. I presented them the place and I told them what we do here.

Another part of the week was on the 29th of December , when I was a part of a great party organised by teachers. 

One good experience was cooking on Monday and especially on Wednesday when , together with my friend and E.V.S volunteer, Ludwig, tried to share his knowledge in making "creme brulee". 

The best experience was the New Year "party". Together with other E.V.S volunteers we learned that each event has to be planned with minimum 3 days before. After some hours of walking in the Old Town of Riga and searching a place to stay and have fun , we got in a warm and great apartment - Karina's home . I spent the end of the week and also the start of 2016 in Riga but also do a little walk in Saurieši, where I visited my friends Ares and Jessica. 


At the end of this post I want to really say thank you to my friend and On Arrival Training coordinator, Karina Falkenstein, for being a perfect host and I want to say a Happy New Year to everybody and good luck in what you do! 

Kind regards,

Alexandru Ivanciu - E.V.S volunteer at Liepājas Children and Youth Center , Liepāja, Latvia