Miriams first month in Liepaja
Miriams first month in Liepaja

Hello everyone, I'm Miriam, I'm 25 years old and I'm a new volunteer at Jauniešu māja and I'm from Italy.

After this brief description, I want to tell you in this space what I did and how I felt during this first month in Liepāja.

Of course at the beginning I was worried about my integration because of different language and culture.

However luckily I was surprised because despite what I experienced this new adventure with serenity.

Thanks of course to my mentor Ilze, which encourages me, the guys who understood

my difficulties and the center operators. August 26th I had the opportunity to participate

in the festival on the young. This was amazing and very exciting experience!

I really enjoyed the work of the organizers , their commitment to making only one day.

I could never have imagined that here did such events!

So rich in culture and humanly for boys .

Finally , for now I have written a project of 'pictures' for the development of the community ,

with the participation of young people , in the hope that enthusiasm and enjoy it.

Next time, boys :)


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