Mid Term week & Finnish style
Mid Term week & Finnish style

Last week was the middle of my project. 

It was a week full of events and with one of the most important parts of my E.V.S : The Mid Term Evaluation. Somewhere, in the middle of nature, I had the opportunity to share my E.V.S experience with the other people which are doing E.V.S in Latvia. I also learnt how to make the youthpass and how to use it. At the final I celebrated Liepāja's birthday and I learnt how to be Finnish. For this I really want to say thank you to Raakhel, Alina, Emilya, Britt, Maarit and Eeva, the 6 wonderfull girls, who brought some of the Finnish culture in Liepāja Jauniešu Māja. 

Finland came in Liepāja   Angry Births are from Finland

Thank you guys ! I really appreciate it !

For the final I would like to say a Happy Easter for those who will celebrate it. 

Kind regards,

Alexandru Ivanciu

E.V.S Volunteer, Liepāja's Jauniešu Māja