Manuel Janvāris
Manuel Janvāris

This month was pretty stressful.

After the relax of the Christmas vacations and after a "challenging" New Year, the work started again and I wrote a Youth Exchange project.

The deadline was on the 2nd of February, so enough time, but I didn't count that I couldn't write directly in English (I never considered to use Latvian language). So I wrote it in Italian with the Inga's suggestions, after that I translated all, checked the meaning with Inga and Anna and at the end I checked the English with Roberts. The process doesn't seem so long but in fact it felt like I wrote two projects. For this reason I couldn't check all parts with Roberts and it is written in a pretty shitty English, but doesn't matter!

Furthermore, I had to keep the contacts with the partner organisations and I argued with the president of the network in which we work. Obviously in that period I had also other activities.

Definetely a stressful month, but when we submitted the project I felt very good and the rest never was soo amazing! I want more!

I really have to say Thank You to my collegues who helped me so much, because it was even more complicated for them. I really hope that our effort will pay back!