12.maijā Jauniešu mājā brivprātīgās no Vācijas Emmas vadībā tika atzīmēta Eiropas diena, svinot Eiropas kopību, tās kultūras vērtības, piedaloties jauniešiem no dažādām Eiropas valstīm, diskutējot par aktuāliem kultūras, politikas u.c. jautājumiem, kā arī kopīgi vērojot starptautisko Eirovīzijas dziesmu konkursu Lisabonā.

    Pasākumā pulcējās vairāk kā 20 brīvprātīgie no dažādām Eiropas valstīm. Vina no tām bija arī Dana no Ukrainas, kas pēc pasākuma dalījās iespaidos par piedzīvoto:

   "What is Europe for you? In your everyday life? Is there a precise explanation? Or more an abstract definition? Of course, this is not a topic you think about often, but perhaps once a year you should consider to do so.

   I always say that birthdays are not for ourselves, but for the people around us. For once a year we stop and share the collected memories… and remember how much we love this person and why he is important for us. It is the same situation with Europe Day. It's just the reason to think about what it is Europe for you.

   This year, for me personally, it was a special day. ''Special'' because the first time I felt that Europe is. Without any metaphors. I felt people.

   I have no words to describe all the magic of the May weekend in a town on the Baltic Sea. Conversations in different languages, twenty pairs of eyes, singing together, sleeping bags scattered on the floor and watching the Eurovision Song Contest… with people from more than 10 countries. It was so much different than usual. It felt quite differently – like live-streaming. Live streaming of experience and support, with a variety of styles, types and tastes.

   And honestly, what is Europe is, I did not understand during the discussion which opened the event, but on Sunday morning. When the “morning” can have different time limits, and breakfast can have a hundred variations – but still there is a common base for everything. And suddenly you realize that you are like a piece of a large puzzle. You realize that Europe is a collection of differences. And how to adapt to them. It is unity and respect. Europe is the intersection of so many cultures, languages, life styles. And it is a dialogue.

   Do not think about Europe – make and feel it! Because it's a big piece of all of us!"

Dana (Ukraina)