Green week
Green week

Last week was the week when I started to make some economies.

Starting with the improvisation theatre and continuing with a great English Game Night, where I played with my imagination and English sentences, the last week was the week of new things, generating ideas and making plans. I improved my skills in using drums and I had my first lesson of Italian language, for which I want to thank to my flatmate and project mate Manuel ! On the weekend I was part in an event which was organised in Riga by 2 E.V.S volunteers. This was about keeping clean the environment and learn how to make some economies. There was a quests in the city related to environmental problems. After that I was part in a workshop of cutting bottles. For this I want to thank to Elise and Alice, the 2 E.V.S volunteers who were the organisers of this event and I want to promise them that I will invite them also to my events ! Also I want to say thanks to Marta, the leader from the workshop of cutting bottles! Down I will let some pictures so you can see exactly how was my last week. 

workshop bottles    trying different types of water

Italian language - 1st lesson    

Have a great week!

Alexandru Ivanciu (E.V.S, Liepājas Jauniešu Māja, November 2015 - August 2016)