Freedom in soviet blocks

First month of Project.

Labdien! this is Pablo, the new volunteer from Spain at the Youth House and I will be updating this blog with my ideas fairly often, or at least I'll try, we'll see.

First of all, coming from the Canary Islands, being culturally Latino, geographically African and politically European, it is always exciting to come to such a different land where everything looks, sounds and smells in the less expected ways, where being trapped in a proccess of assimilation of these foreign experiences feels like the best kind of freedom one could expect from living in a cage, an inmense cage that sometimes turns into vast flat lands where water loses its meaning since lakes make me promises of vodka whenever we meet. Some things haven't changed though, despite this privileged but not completely comfortable feeling of excitement I always get after leaving my volcanoes and lava for green fields, the smell of salt remains, acting as my usual guide when labyrinths disguised as 'ielas' grow fast around me whenever the rain falls.

Making yourself questions when you move to a country with hundreds of people and millions of cats is something you simply can't avoid, just like becoming sad when you start to think what will happen to these animals when winter comes. In any case, it simply doesn't matter because they will never win the war against mosquitoes, these bugs have for the first time in my life become an important part of me and taken over my heart -or whatever I may have left that resembles one- through my veins and skin, resembling what humans do to this organ but in a less irritating way. However, there is a moment when you realise love experience is not enough to deal with blood problems and you discover the wonders of mosquito spray, something every person in Liepaja must have and only a few will tell you about.


So in my first month in Latvia I have been able to work with young people in different activities and see their life perspectives and cultural singularities, after 30 days I still feel amazed whenever I see strange huge churches with golden roofs, gold that remains separated from the low lands we mortals walk in, gold that makes me particullary absent and abstracted from myself, making me connect with people's beliefs and not just focusing on the dissmantlement of ideas as I'm used to, seeing in gold and brightness the size of what others believe is bigger than they are themselves, I can then feel weakness, like being naked while hugging a tree when a thunderstorm is about to arrive. I recompose and I look down, streets full of wooden houses appear before me and I see people carrying flowers, humans of blue lights that make dragons appear and roar in my Asian food fed stomach. It's been a nice month.