First week of spring in Latvia
First week of spring in Latvia

Last week was a cultural one, having exchanges of culture with others and having intercultural learnings. 

On the 1st of March I had the opportunity to share my culture and I learned people how to make a thread of Martisor. This was a good moment to improve my skills of organising and promote events. On Thursday I had the opportunity to share my knowledge of E.V.S , my activities which I do in Youth House and to have a great cultural exchange between 4 beautiful countries - Latvia, Finland, Italy and Romania. At the end of the week I made a travel back in time and I visited the beautiful city of Kuldīga.

And because I am at the final of this post I want to say a big thank you to Maarit, Alina, Britt, Raakhel, Emilia and Eva , the 6 wonderfull Finnish students who came in Youth House and let me the opportunity to met them and know for the first time about Finland. You are still invited to the events organized by me and Manuel and I hope to have a long and great collaboration also after you will back to Finland. 

 Also I want to say thank you to Erina because she gave me the opportunity to enter in Liepaja's School no.5 and share there about the E.V.S programm and about me and my project. 



Alexandru Ivanciu - E.V.S volunteer Liepājas Jauniešu Māja