First month of Manuel in Liepaja
First month of Manuel in Liepaja


First week:

Finally I met Anna and Roberts (I met Inga during a Youth Exchange in Italy 2 weeks earlier).

The first days were useful to know the place and to see the other centres where there are different activities. In fact Alexandru, Roberts and me went to visit 2 centres, first of all the “Goat Centre” (I forget every time the real name so I use this), in that place there are some activities like youth club, model building, bricolage and music. We visited also the Olympic centre in that place there are music, dance, needlecraft and puppet theatre. I liked a lot because these places are full of energy.

One evening some Erasmus students from University of Liepaja came in Jauniešu māja to present their countries. There were 2 presentations about Sri Lanka and Lithuania. It was interesting, I didn’t know lots of things about these countries.

Obviously there were bureaucratic stuff, but it’s also an experience.

In this week we started also the Latvian lessons with Linda, we are lucky because we don’t do the grammar part, it’s too difficult for me. We will be having 3 lessons per week but just for the first month.



Second week:

We are in national celebration period and so everybody brings with them a brooch with the Latvian flag’s color. On 11th of November we made a bonfire and Anna told us the story of the Bearslayer, a Latvian epic hero. After that we went near of the centre to do a torchlight procession. There were a lot of people there.. really! They walk very fast. The torchlights were in memory of the fallen during the fight for the independence. I noticed that the latvians are very attached to their flag.

The week before the Erasmus students couldn’t finish their presentation, so they came back and took with them some typical food of their countries like Nigeria, Germany, Korea and Turkey. It was a good meal.

Participants of different school parlaments came to Jauniešu māja and Alexandru and me did some energizers and team building games, just to break the ice. In the end they thank us and gave us latvian chocolate as a gift, I finished it in few minutes.




Third week:

This is the week with the most important national celebration because it’s for their independence. In Jauniešu māja we made workshops with bracelets and brooches, in the same time Roberts leaded a Quiz, I think it was about Latvian history but I’m not sure because it was all in Latvian. I was to help at bracelet workshop and so many people came that I couldn’t look up from the bracelets. At one point the fireworks started and we went outside to see it. I like so much their patriotism, in Italy we don’t feel the national celebrations, it’s only days without work.

On Tuesday we started the “English lesson” for some teachers who wanted to improve their English. This is not a real lesson also because I’m not so good, we use non formal education, they need only to start to speak it and we use some games for this. It was a little weird to teach teachers and I was scared in the beginning but it was funny.






Fourth week:

Every Tuesday from that one we have the ”English game night” in which we play board games. I discover a game that I’ve never heard before, the name is “Dixit”, it’s interesting because you use your imagination and for the victory you need to understand how people think. I won.

The day after we had a skype interview by a local TV program about the EVS project. I didn’t understand because Anna and the interviewer spoke only in Latvian. Anyhow the interview lasted less than our expectation and Alexandru and me didn’t speak.

In this week we had our evening to speak about our country (Italy and Romania) and bring some typical food, so I decided to cook lasagne and tiramisu. I had some problems to find all of the ingredients. I started to cook a sauce for lasagne and in that moment I understood that the taste of “tomato sauce original” was like ketchup. Obviously I didn’t cook lasagne, but the tiramisu was very good.

That Friday we didn’t work because Roberts, Alexandru and me went near Riga for the “On arrival training” a training for EVS volunteers and mentors. It was very interesting and I met other people in my same situation, it was useful. We will see again.