E.V.S experience - 1st week
E.V.S experience - 1st week

My first week has meant for me the best moment for meeting wonderfull people.

On the 2nd of November I made my first friends : Roberts and Manuel and on the 3rd of November I had a good chance to know Anna. I had my first contact with Jauniešu Maja and I met a lot of youngsters. Also I had the opportunity to go to other youth centers and explore what workshops are young people participating here in Liepajā. On the 5th of November I met Linda and I had my first class of Latvian language. The best part of this week was on Wednesday, 4th November, when the Erasmus students from Liepaja University came to Jauniešu Maja and had a wonderfull cultural evening. The 2 boys from Sri Lanka introduced us in the beautiful culture of the little country. 

At the end of this week I started to explore Liepajā better and I went to iWeek. There I had the opportunity to see the results of the workshops that they did during the whoole week. Also at the weekend I had the opportunity to meet Paulina Roth, a great and wonderfull German girl, which makes E.V.S. at Liepajas First Aid Unit. On Sunday I meet also a Romanian guy, Stefan Tudor, which was in Liepajā for a bycicle workshop at Radi Vidi Pats association. He makes E.V.S in the town of Saldus and is a bycicles lover. 

The next week I will start my first workshops. I am looking forward to enter in the world of the youth workers and make the youngsters be happy and help them.