End of winter in Latvia
End of winter in Latvia

Last week was full of events and learnings.

I started by taking part in a presentation of 3 Latvian guys who made some beautiful stories about their E.V.S experiences in Italy and Slovakia. 


I continued with the first practice with my theatre play and I acquired some mathematics skills my playing Monopoly. 


At the end of the week I took part in my first lesson of cooking , in my apartment, where , together with Manuel and my coordinator and my mentor we organised Pizza Night. 

I met also some beautiful and smart people, improved my skills of doing non formal games, and improved digital competences by taking part in the events which were organised here in Liepajas Youth House. 

For this week I plan to share my knowledge about Romanian culture and the days of Dragobete and Mărțișor with the people from here. 

Keep in touch ;) :)

Alexandru Ivanciu (E.V.S volunteer, Liepāja, Latvia - 1st of November 2015 - 1st of August 2016)