December of Manuel in Latvia!
December of Manuel in Latvia!

After the On Arrival Training everything went pretty good. I don't want to say that before it was bad, but I felt more a main actor than a background actor in this adventure.


Finally we were able to visit the last youth centre in Liepaja, fortunately it is really close to Jauniešu māja. The activities in this centre are: music, folk-music, ceramic, crafting, drawing and painting. Even here the air is full of positive energy. The house manager is an English teacher, so Roberts was exempt from his usual task as a live translator. When we went in the music lesson the teacher, who didn't speak English at all, put in my hands  a guitar and she gave a paper to me with the "instructions" in Latvian, they were not understandable, and with laughs Roberts saved me from the embarrassment carrying me out. At the end, it was funny.


The same evening, I won't explain how, but I twisted my ankle and the day after I couldn't walk, so I called Anna to go to the hospital. I was waiting for a quadruple compound fracture, but I had the wrong idea. Practically the doctor didn't examine me at all, he simply looked at the x-ray and told me to do what I already started to do, that is ointment, ice and rest. For this opinion I spent 23€, useful, but at least was nothing serious and after a couple of weeks I could jump again. Unfortunately I had to miss some events for that.


When I started to walk again, I went for the first time to the Youth Club, in which I basically played with kids. Sometimes it's needed take a break from the adult things and go in a world made of games, fun and imagination.


Furthermore, I taught the kids how to make juggling balls and, more or less, how to use it. I said "more or less" because we didn't have too much time and just one lesson it's not enough, but we had fun to make some games with balls. I love those little pests.


I also started the workshop of juggling and Italian language. In few words I taught basic phrases and some useful words meanwhile I taught how to juggle 3 balls. It had not caught so much attention and I stopped it after the third meeting, I'm a little sorry but doesn't matter I'll do other things.


Meanwhile the seventh episode of Star Wars was coming and I couldn't be quiet and do nothing, so I started a movie marathon. But here it's not so appreciated so we watched only the firsts two episodes, the others I watched at home. Damned heretics that don't like it. Where the hell am I?!


We spent a day to visit a new Youth Centre of Ventspils, a city near Liepaja. It's really nice, although it's still finishing its renovations, but it's big and they have good ideas. There I met other two EVS volunteers from Saldus and I still keep in touch.


Perhaps I didn't say this but in Jauniešu māja there is a music room, of which Janis (more common name in Latvia doesn't exist) was responsible. I started guitar lessons and he was my teacher, for the first lesson he gave to me a guitar with the strongest strings that I ever touched, I felt the shape on my fingertips for a month. By the way I couldn't always follow the lessons because of other events and in the middle of the month I started to write a Youth Exchange project and it took a lot of time.


Christmas was coming and obviously parties also, one of them we did it in Jauniešu māja for the youngsters, called "Balta Balle", in which there were a performance of impro theatre (they are very good, maybe, it's in Latvian so I understand nothing), a live music band and for sure dances. They really love Just Dance, the game, and how could I disagree. Another party was for the workers of the youth centres of Liepaja. Each centre had to prepare a performance about their centre. Some acted and sung, we prepared a quiz about Jauniešu māja. Obviously my boss had the brilliant idea to have the questions read by me and Alexandru ... in Latvian. Thank you Anna! After that we got to dance!


At the end the vacations of Christmas came. To go back to my beautiful home country only after a month and a half seems unimaginable to me, so I decided to spend that time with other EVS volunteers in Riga. It was the first Christmas without my family, but it was pleasant, although unusual, especially for the food. It was not bad but we had some funny problems. Definitely the important part was to be together and eat till explosion, done.