Boltik Baik & Musem night
Boltik Baik & Musem night

Last 2 weeks were under the sign of big events. And because here we had some of the bigger events of Liepāja, I will tell you more about that.

First was the Boltik Baik festival. It was a good opportunity to meet new people, to tell about me and share my culture and to know better the culture of Latvia. This event was organized by Radi Vidi Pats, a good place for people who love to ride on 2 wheels but also for those who want to know Latvia better. In this festival people had the opportunity to make their own bike and I took part in many great concerts and performances. I want to say congratulations to Lea, Ruben, Nina and Emilia, the 4 magnificent E.V.S volunteers and also to all the members of Radi Vidi Pats for making this wonderful festival. 


Concert at Boltik Baik Festival - 1st day



Improvisation theatre show - Boltik Baik, day 3



Poetry slam - Boltik Baik, day 5

The second very important event was last Saturday. We celebrated the Museum Night in a very great way: having concerts an acrobatic performance and workshops of drawing. It was a great afternoon and I had the opportunity to see a lot of interesting shows. Congratulations Jauniešu Māja for this event , thank you Georgia, Manuel, Renate and the other people who made the soap bubbles, thank you for the great acrobatic show and thank you for the workshops of drawing !!! 

Making bubbles from soap

Amazing acrobatic show


                                                       Drawing session pictures


For the next post I will write about my very important project and about other events which will happen during the next 2 weeks. Until then good luck to everyone!


Alexandru Cristian Ivanciu

E.V.S, Liepājas Jauniešu Māja