Barricades & E.V.S
Barricades & E.V.S

This week was an interesting week and I had my first event from this year. 

I started by having my first meeting with Oxana and kids from Youth Club. Here I had the opportunity to play some of their games and also I taught them Saboteur. Also 2 lessons of Latvian language was welcome for me in order to remember and improve this lanuage. At the end of the week I started the events related to The Barricades Times. On Friday I built barricades around Jauniešu Māja and on Saturday I took part in a very beautiful concert in Kursas Putni, a very beautiful cafeteria situated in the center of Liepāja. Here I listen some very beautiful songs and some experiences shared by people who took part in the Barricades Days in 1991. 

Snow barricades Jauniešu Māja         Concert Barricades Days - Kursas Putni

Next week it will be very special for me. I will have the opportunity to co-organize an event and present for the first time my hosting organisation and my activities on my E.V.S. 



Alexandru Ivanciu