April in Latvia
April in Latvia

First 2 weeks of April in Liepāja was the sign of the real spring coming and new things happening.

First event which I want to point is the Improvization theatre show which was on 1st of April. This wonderfull team made me to laugh and feel good. Second is the visit of the Scotish people who went in Art School for exchange. Here I had the opportunity to improve my knowledge in non formal education.

Another important event for me was the team building of Liepāja Skolenu Dome team, which for me are great and from who I learnt a lot of things especially regarded to the youth work and using the nonformal education. From those 2 weeks I have to remark also the English Game Nights, in which I improved my skills in English language by playing a lot of interesting boardgames.

One of the most important moments from this my project was last Thursday when I met the ambassador of U.S.A in Latvia. I share with her a lot of things which I do here in the Youth House and I had the opportunity to hear very interesting stories about her and especially the youth work in U.S.A. 

The last weekend was amazing. I was for the first time in the east part of Latvia and I took part in a great german karaoke night. For this I want to say a very big thank you to my friends , E.V.S volunteers, Beate, Lydia, Sara and Willy for being a great hosts and for having this perfect event which was also generating ideas for future events. 




Have a good week & see you soon!

Alexandru Ivanciu 

E.V.S - Liepājas Jauniešu Māja