An intercultural week
An intercultural week

This week was a very big cultural exchange and a lot of knowledge acquired on the "cultural awareness" field. 

Starting with some Latvian lessons and continue with a travel in time where I found out about Barricades and fighting with the Soviet Union army this week gave me the chance to understand that it doesn't matter how many stories and traditions we have, somewhere, somehow , we are the same and we have to be together and help each other. 

On Friday I was part in a special event. Together with my friends and E.V.S volunteer, Jagoda, Pamela, Giuseppe, Kevin and all the people from Jauniešu organizācija „Ligzda”, Rujiena, I co-organised International Open Space in the city of Rujiena. Here I had the opportunity to share to other people the best of Romania and what opportunities can be found there. It was a great event and I felt very well. 



At the end of the week me and other volunteers organized a farewell party for Giuseppe, a great italian guy and one of my best friends , to congratulate him for bringing his E.V.S to the final. And because I spoke about Giuseppe , I want to say to him thank you for meeting and Good Luck with the projects and everything what you will  do !!! And also thanks to all of you who are my friends and support me in doing this E.V.S ! 


Cheers to all,

Alexandru Ivanciu