8th week & Christmas time
8th week & Christmas time

Christmas in Latvia, the special one !

In this post I will speak about the Christmas time. And not because it was my first Christmas out of Romania ! It was a special one because a special person came here : my mom. And because a very sunny Christmas is perfect for going out , I was a perfect guide of Liepaja and Riga for 3 days. Of course before Christmas we need to do also some work , because otherwise Santa will not come anymore, so the day before Christmas was called "cleaning day". 



On the final I want to thank my mom because she spent her time and had a veery long journey in order to come here and be together with me and with the promise that I will apply what she taught me and the flat will be more clean :) .  

I wish everybody Happy Holidays and a New Year with happiness, healtfull and all the best !!!


Alexandru Ivanciu