7th week - the white week
7th week - the white week

This week was special for me. It was the starting of one of the beautiful part of my project : Christmas and Christmas events. 

I started the week with a great Youth Club where I played with children different games like "Army army" and "Hide&Seek". Also a very special lesson of Latvian language took place on Wednesday when we had a guest and also on Friday when we helped people from Radi Vidi Pats association to make the "Upcycled Christmas Tree" . On Thursday I started to prepare for the biggest event which took place on Friday : The Christmas Party which was named "The White Party". Here I saw different performances made by the youngsters and I had the opportunity to show my knowledge in youth work. Of course I had the opportunity to speak with new people, to make new friends and have a lot of fun. 





I finished the week in a great mood : going to Rujiena and visit 3 E.V.S. volunteers. Together we saw the town and we made plans for the future. 


Next week it will be a great story, a white story full of happiness and great challenges. 



Alexandru Ivanciu