6th week - workshops and start preparation for the Christmas
6th week - workshops and start preparation for the Christmas

This week I took part for the first time in the puppets theatre workshop and trumpet workshop

All the week was on the "first time" sign because also one of the Latvian lesson took part outside of Youth House, in a very beautiful place called "Liepajas Boulangerie". Here I had the opportunity to apply what I learned during the previous Latvian language sessions. 

At the puppets theatre workshop I had the opportunity to play in a puppets theatre for the first time. I played in the play called "Alice in the Wonderland" and it was really challenging for me because I received the rolle of Alice. The good thing was that everyone helped me and said exactly what to do. At the next workshop is the perfect opportunity to start to share my ideas and to create my own play. 

The most interesting part of this week was the meeting with Oleksis. It was the first time in my life when I touched the trumpet and I had my first lesson of play at it. 

At the end of the week I participated in a juggling workshop made by my friend and E.V.S mate Manuel and , together with other youngsters , I made some Christmas decoration and I helped to decorate Youth House. 


The next week is more with Christmas activities and a great party. 

Cheers ! 

Alexandru Ivanciu