6 months of E.V.S
6 months of E.V.S

The last 2 weeks was meant the counting down starting. 

6 months of experience, 6 months of challenges and 6 months of learning process. In this perriod I had a lot of beautiful events , I worked with the young people and helped myself to fullfiel the competences which I need for the future. But now I have 3 months. 3 months in which I have to think better what should I do for the final of my project. And because we need a very good final , my plans are very big. So, Fifa 2016 tournament, Polish and Dutch cultural events and puppet theatre performance are just some of the events which I plan to organize on those 3 months. Also I have to think what should I do after I come back in my country. My mind of course is going to have my own youth house but for this I need to make money. I need to invest. And for this I need to work. And the best place to work is the non formal education, youth work field. So those last 3 months are actually the hardest one. Are the months which can decide my future. And I will start from now : by posting this blog and share with you this my ideas.

For the final I wish a Happy Easter for those who will celebrate on the date of 1st and 2nd of May! See you after 2 weeks. 


Alexandru Ivanciu


18.04.2016 - Visit in the Old people center                                20.04.2016 -  "Exchange for all" - disemination                                                                                                 conference & meeting Bo, the head of "Drums for Peace"


          15.04.2016 - 1st edition , Open stage