5 weeks - ideas and planing
5 weeks - ideas and planing

This was the week after On Arrival Training, the week in which ideas start to become plans. 

I finished one of the important part of my E.V.S : On Arrival Training. And because On Arrival was finished I started to apply what I learned. So I started to make plans together with my coordinators and with my mentor. And because any plans should start with the beginning , I started by making some small things like origami.

I started to go to workshops and my first was about Latvian Folk music and traditions. Here I learned different games and I learned to play a latvian musical instrument. Also I went for the first time to Youth Club. Here I learned to play other games and also I shared to children one of my favourite energizer. 

Folk music workshop

Youth Club

The week ended with a short journey into the Latvian history. Thanks to my friend and E.V.S volunteer Andres, I visited Cēsis and Valmiera.

Cēsis Castle

For the next week I plan to make some events and do little things to become big.