3rd week - challenges&learnings
3rd week - challenges&learnings

The Latvian Independence Day - the event of challenges. 

I started the week with a lesson of Latvian language. After that , on Tuesday , I had my first workshop of English with the teachers from the Olympic Center. The most important event was on the 18th of November, when, together with all the people from Liepajas Jauniešu Maja, I celebrated The Independence Day of Latvia. When I came at Youth House it was so quiet.It was the silence before the storm.

A lot of children and young people came here and made bracellets and badges with different paintings. Also here was a quiz organised with a lot of interesting questions. 


I finished the week by travelling and discover the city of Saldus. 

Next week will be full of events and one of the important part of the E.V.S : On Arrival Training. Let's see what will happen.