1 week before the project middle
1 week before the project middle

The last week for me was special. It was a week full of events, opportunities and challenges. 

I started with some activities Youth Club, that made me feel very energetic. It was helpfull for the next day, when I had 2 in 1 : Super Mario Tournament & English Game Night. For the great idea of Super Mario Tournament I really want to say thanks to Manuel. At the end of the week was the perfect opportunity for intercultural learning and exchange between 2 great programs: E.V.S and Student Erasmus. There I had also the opportunity to improve my digital competences by taking pictures of the students which had the presentations. On my free time I had the opportunity to visit one of the greatest place in Liepāja : Karosta. The next week is the middle. Is the week of another very important step of my E.V.S project : Mid Term Training! I will try for the next post to come with many impresions and with many learnings and especially with many pictures from this great event which will happen during 3 days - 15th - 17th of March! 







Alexandru Ivanciu - E.V.S , Liepājas Jauniešu Māja, November 2015 - August 2016