1 more month of E.V.S
1 more month of E.V.S

My last period was very full. That's why I didn't write for many time :) ! But after that I decided to write again, in order to share the results of my hard work. 

For my project the last week was also the important one. Together with my friends from "Leļļu teātris Pifs" I performed a puppet theatre play. It was very good, people came in a very big number and at the final we all was very happy because of the good performance and also because of the pizza which my coordinator brought for everybody :) :D !


At the end of the week I was part in one of the most important celebrations in Latvia : Līgo and Jāni days! I was somewhere far from the city, in the middle of nature and I followed exactly the traditions of Latvia: making fire, singing , waring green lefs krown.


Some other important events was happen to me also before puppet theatre performance: I was for the first time in Scandinavia, I played Pandemic and Arkham Horror for the first time and I had some great videogame evenings where together with the young people I played Bomberman, Supermario and Worms.




For the last month I plan to have my last events : more videogames, beach games sessions and blackstories session, I want to discover more Latvia and have my last learnings. Until then I want to say again thanks to Arta, the specialist in puppet theatre , for her big help, also thanks to the puppet theatre team "Pifs" for making a big performance together with me and thanks to everyone from Youth House for supporting me in doing this puppet theatre performance. 

Kind regards, 

Alexandru Ivanciu - E.V.S volunteer,

Liepājas Bernu un Jaunatnes Centrs