"The Scienic Route" - nav atbalstīts

The Scenic Route is a Youth Exchange organized by “Liepaja Children and Youth Centre” (LCYC) and will held in Liepaja (LV) from 7th to 14th of August 2016. It will involve 40 youngsters ages 16 to 20, from Romania, Italy, Portugal, Finland and Latvia (6 participants and 2 group leaders for each national group). Due to the nature of the activities, the participants do not need any particular preparation. The youngsters with fewer possibilities to travel and who have never taken part in a Youth Exchange will be given priority.
This project wants to address an age-old topic, the stereotypes. They are cognitive shortcuts which we use to recognize objects, situations and people while not knowing them in particular.
In their base form they are extremely useful to understand daily circumstances, navigate through life i.e. identify specific people or how behave in different situations. Without these unconscious mental processes everyday, it is hard to recognize the things around.
They could easily transform from a useful cognitive tool to intolerance and racism. In this project we want to focus on cultural stereotypes by putting five different cultures from Latin, Nordic and Eastern Europe in a direct comparison, with the aim to cover all of Europe in all its shades. This way the participants will be pushed to compare different cultural aspects and to experience culture shock coming from the close cohabitation with representatives of countries from a variety of cultural and geographical backgrounds. With this we want to activate participants' life skills and self-awareness. Push them to find the differences and the similarities through direct experience and verify the validity of the first impressions about the participant countries and see it transform (or not) during the week.
The topic will be addressed through discussion moments in which the participants will be able to discuss the topics and all discussions will be moderated by a member of the staff.
Moreover, the main activity of the week will involve performing arts which is in line with the methodology of the international network Drums For Peace. The youngsters will be able to choose between four workshops (dance, music, media-art and drama) that will be managed by local and foreigner artists. The workshops will facilitate the expression of each youngster, wreck linguistic and cultural barriers, build a common language and be open and adaptable to the ability of each participant.
At the end of the workshops the participants will show the results of the working week in front of the public in the centre of Liepaja through the final performance. The performance will represent a common objective of the whole group, facilitating good practices of cooperation, and show the achieved results of the project to a varied audience.

Requested funding: 16 400 EUR

Submitted on 2.02.2016.