"Drums for peace" - nav atbalstīts

"Drums for Peace" will be a 2 working days seminar hosted by LCYC in Liepaja, between 9-12.06.2016. It will gather 13 public and private organizations from DK, EE, FI, IT, LV, PL, PT, RO, SE and UK, totaling a number of 25 participants (18+) with different profiles: board members, facilitators, trainers, teachers, organization leaders, youth coordinators at municipality youth departments and youth workers.  

The main topic is about ways of making DfP more sustainable and our objectives are to improve our projects and work quality within DfP, developing our youth workers' competencies and enlarging DfP through inviting new organizations to become part of it.

As general aim we can mention making DfP a more recognized actor at European level that will continue to enhance the international cooperation between organizations that carry out activities within the youth field, as well as promoting participative arts through non-formal educational methods.

As activities, participants will take part in workshops having topics as EVS and Y.E. project management, conflict approach, ways of improving working quality, quality evaluation through KA2, innovative means of integrating non-formal education with classic education, designing and creating of a brochure on DfP methodology and others. Besides, there also will be held a general evaluation of our DfP association during which past projects will be assessed and solutions to temporary issues will be proposed and voted. Also, there will be a session for project proposals where members will have the chance to exchange more ideas on, then sign up for the interested ones.
Lastly, the DfP members will evaluate the DfP membership application of the Polish partner for deciding if they meet the required conditions in order to become DfP's newest member.

As for methodology, we'll be using non-formal activities such as sharing exercises, dynamic interaction, group building activity, discussion circles, workshops, simulation exercises, ice-breakers and open space sessions.

The expected impact of the seminar will have a direct effect on our partners by improving their professional skills, motivation and perspectives in regard to youth work, as well as their self-development (visiting a new places, improving communication abilities in a foreign language, public speaking etc). Then we foresee the indirect impact on organizations our partners come from, as we believe the activities' quality carried out within them will increase based on the seminar's attendees' acquired competencies. Following the pattern, the communities where those organizations activate will benefit too, as we aim at increasing international dimensions in those places by training our partners and by inviting organizations and schools representatives from there to adopt our successful working methodology and maybe one day they will join forces. This will also be a significant positive impact at the level of our DfP association too.

Regarding the results, the work from the seminar will end up with creating a brochure with the most relevant information about DfP which will have the purpose to promote our association both locally and internationally, and also to advocate the good practices in youth work by making our specific methodology available to others too. Besides, we do hope that as a result of this seminar will: 1) have several approved projects, as we have planned to carry out proj. proposal and call for partners sessions, and 2) hear from other interested organizations and youngsters, that have found out about DfP network after the seminar project.

The long term benefits of the seminar will be secured through our dissemination strategy which will employ as means&tools the following: Facebook group, E+ dissemination platform, DfP website, partners organizations' websites, photographer that will take pictures and make report to be sent to local media agency, brochure to be sent out to our partners and further spread among their communities, but also the projects applications that are to be submitted, as a direct result of the seminar meeting.
As a long term positive effect of this seminar it's worth mentioning the way that DfP, as a network association, will become more united and the cooperation within it more sustainable, having more projects going on and increased activity within the international youth field.

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Submitted 2.02.2016.